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abductee wrote on 30.11-13 at 8:19:


irokos wrote on 15.1-11 at 17:16:

<3 Traction <3

wullon wrote on 28.7-10 at 2:32:

What Ferris said!

Ferris wrote on 2.7-10 at 19:38:

Traction rules :)

Slash_AtD wrote on 13.7-09 at 11:22:

Traction rulez!!!!
good works!!


Mr.Vain/Secretly! wrote on 4.3-09 at 20:56:

Nice site and prods! :) Best regards...

Gargaj wrote on 22.2-09 at 21:13:

Kelsey is not credited for Amethyst on the website :D

rale wrote on 10.8-08 at 16:25:

Next time you ask for something please leave your contact info ;)

Martin Lykke wrote on 9.8-08 at 18:57:

I just need to learn 2 search. The Seminar is up at scene.org under Assembly 2008 VOD/seminars.

Martin Lykke wrote on 7.8-08 at 2:18:

I noticed that Preacher - Martti Nurmikari, held a seminar at Assembly08 http://www.assembly.org/summer08/seminar..

Was just wondering if that was held in english, and if there will be a video available.

Love your new intro. :)