2.10.10Westside genocide
 unfinished techno stuff

15.6.10nothing escapes

21.10.08kod 3
 This was supposed to be a soundtrack for a teaser intro, which got never made, so it's here now! A short dark ambient piece

21.10.08pineapple crush
 from the sefl-titled demo, this one. Something of a crossover between techno and prog house.

17.6.08Destination Phoenix
 A soundtrack for a demo that was never made. Progressive electronic something. Heavily influenced by Star Control 2.

5.8.07inferior descendants of hurutusmus
 a quickie made for asm '07 freestyle music compo

19.2.07amnesiac's lullaby
 my entry for icons '07 listening music compo.

 this i made for traction's tmdc demo.

 this is far from finished, but a coherent tune anyway so i'll post it here. also in - -the game by traction jumalauta.

 i made this for our invtro for Icons '07. be there or be square!

18.9.06night of the lizards
 my entry for stream 06 listening music compo. won 1st place! inspired by massive alcohol consumption, as the name might suggest :P

 yleisön pyynnöstä, wanha madventures-biisi remasteroituna! :)

13.8.06days dub by
 an older tune i made while still learning to use reason, dnb with varied beats and dubby flavas

 from 2^5, this is the final (?) remixed -and mastered version, which sadly didn't make it to the compo version. but it's here now! :P

11.8.06imaginary friends
 from i am

11.8.06betray (remix)
 for butterfly thoughts, remixed from an old xm i had lying around..

11.8.06moment of clarity
 from it's full of stars

 from ante dominum

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